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Junkfood Cinema: Summer School

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Junkfood Cinema

Junkfood Cinema


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Brian and Cargill's final laps around the Junky Summer of 1987 land them in Summer School. In fact, the guys argue that this is the movie that inspired this entire series (moreso than Robocop, Predator, or The Running Man)?

Mark Harmon plays the flunkiest of teachers who gets coerced into teaching a summer school course full of misfits, rejects, and a guy called Chainsaw. While fighting his natural apathy, Shoop (Harmon) falls in love with 80s-tastic Kirstie Alley, runs afoul of a snooty vice principal, and manages to inspire his seemingly hopeless class to succeed.

The Gents of Junk make the case for why this oddball teen comedy (oddest for the fact that it's an 80s teen comedy that features not one set of bare breasts), belongs in the same conversation as films like Renaissance Man and Dead Poets Society. They also talk about Rick Baker, film festival live reads, and the simple joys of eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

Ring the bell, Junkfood Cinema is in session!

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