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Jenn of the Jungle

Memorial Day

by Jenn of the Jungle

 - Mon, May 26 2008

The Last Mile
By: Iain Sherwood

I walked the last mile with my brother today
In the garden of stone.
On a caisson drawn by horses gray
He rode alone.
Drum beats echoed hollow in the air
As iron shod hooves rang on the pavement.
A platoon his escort
To take him home in Arlington,
Where a century of heroes lie row on row
Their duty done.

The Honor Guard carried him lovingly
For brother he is to all those there interred.
Amid presidents, astronauts, explorers and heroes
He takes a place well deserved.
The prayers are said; the volleys fired
And the flag is folded
Carefully, never again to be unfurled.
Rest well, weary soldier, now and forever;
The Corps has called you home.
Rest well, my brother.

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