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The Jump Start Your Business NOW Radio Show is for entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about starting, growing or marketing their business to bring them to a 6 or 7 figure income. On these content jammed shows listeners will learn free and low-cost ways to start, grow and market your business. Host Katrina Sawa is known for giving a TON of valuable information and tips on her teleclasses, on stage and now online. She will share her juicy secrets on how she built her 6+ figure coaching and internet marketing business, how many of her coaching and mastermind clients are doing it too and how you too can build a business that you're passionate about AND make money at it. Kat knows a lot about a lot of different topics business owners need to know (and most aren't doing!). Her background and expertise includes marketing, traditional advertising, publicity, live events, telecoaching, developing information marketing products such as ebooks and home study kits, ezines and email marketing, direct mail, list building, tradeshow marketing, follow up marketing, developing systems for a smooth-running machine of a business, team building, memberships, mastermind and high end coaching models and sooooo much more! You are destined to learn a thing or two on EACH SHOW so it's highly recommended that you bookmark this time or subscribe to this show so you don't miss out on one single, free word!

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