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Antipsychiatry activism

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SSRI and other psych drugs cause sexual inhibition, but doctors are likely to tell you "It's a minor annoyance." However, both men and women are reporting complete numbness and total inability to function sexually. Even worse, the... more

This is a half-hour call-in show. I want to hear from YOU. Tonight, Friday the 13th of October at 8pm Eastern, Call in and let your voice be heard! They may knock us down, but we get back up again! See you tonight!

Description of abusive therapist, also, a few words in memory of Matt Stevenson.

Paula Joan Caplan, PhD, graduate cum laude from Harvard University. Her full biography can be found here. She has published and lectured extensively over a period of decades. Notably, she served on the DSM-IV Task Force for two years... more

Pamela Spiro Wagner graduated phi beta kappa from Brown University in 1975 then went to medical school before being hospitalized for psychiatric care. The diagnosis was schizophrenia for decades. Nevertheless, Wagner has won many... more

Orion Krause had just graduated from Oberlin College of Music. He showed up naked at a neighbor's door to announce he had murdered four people. Here I read from the Boston Globe's twisted perspective on violent, "deranged" mental... more

This is a brief, pre-recorded broadcast.

This is a pre-recorded episode. The story is true. I am posting this in support of Michelle Carter, the teen who is accused of "textiing her boyfriend to death." Dr. Peter Breggin has been involved in the case. The content of this broadcast may... more

Before psychiatry, I was independent and responsible, but young and naive. Therapy taught me dependency and neediness. Therapy taught me that I was completely incapable without the "help" of my treatment team. Now, I am free of... more

This is a ONE HOUR call-in show. Who shall lead us now that the Movement has gotten so large? Who is best qualified? Why is it important not to rely on "providers" to take up these roles any longer? Who shall speak out as... more