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Choices with Judi Moreo

Choices...with Judi Moreo


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Life is about choices (professional, personal and emotional)! This groundbreaking show hosted by Judi Moreo addresses how to recognize the power of choices and the role they play in achieving the full potential within each of us regardless of our life circumstances.

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Is there a formula for happiness? Are there specific things we can do to insure we are happy? Is happiness a concept or a state of mind? Join host, Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than Enough, as she interviews Happiness Coach,... more

Why do we save things we never use? Why can't we turn loose? Why not just throw it away? What can we do? Join Choices host, Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than Enough, as she explores the answers to these questions. This... more

Laughter is contagious. When laughter is shared, it creates a bond between the people laughing. When we see and hear people laughing, we sometimes laugh as well...even when we don't know what they are laughing about. Laughter helps us... more

We all experience anger in our lives at one time or another...some to a more or lesser degree than others. It's the anger that persists that becomes a "dark" emotion. Nobody wants to talk about this kind of anger, because the situation... more

Whether you are in a leadership position at work, in an organization, or your job is that of leading your family members, there are qualities and techniques that will make you more effective. Join host Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than... more

Do you sometimes find yourself in situations where you would like to speak up, but you don't? Is it difficult for you to say "No" to unreasonable requests? Do you do everything yourself rather than asking others to do things for you? Have... more

Most of us had mothers who told us it was important to have good manners. But is that true in the world today? Our society is experiencing drastic changes and it seems, in many cases, manners are falling by the wayside. Does this have an... more

If your self-esteem is suffering; if your confidence is failing; if you aren't feeling good about your life, you are your own worst enemy. The way you are talking to yourself is hurtful. The judgments you are making about who you are and what... more

Stress is unavoidable. It is intent and unrelenting. It is our response to events...our reaction to change. It is an integral part of our lives. Stress can be negative or positive depending upon our attitude towards it and how we decide... more

It is your right to be happy and successful. You are here to lead an abundant life. You are here to grow. Why should you be satisfied with not enough when you can have a fuller, happier, more wonderful life just by using your mind correctly. One... more