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Spirits in the Material - World


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A Metaphysical Talk Show sharing enlightening knowledge from ancient traditions to bring harmony,peace,and unity to our troubled world.Listeners will also receive psychic readings from the Bhrigu Yantra,an ancient oracle,answering questions about love,finance,health and spirituality.Join us for an enlivening,cosmic,and fun experience.

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Join us as we give insights for planetary influences for 2014.The year ahead for USA.will there be scandals?What surprises can we look for.? Pamela Hill Taylor,Master Astrologer,Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Medium, gives an... more

Everyday,every moment we are making choices.After the choice we made,there is a result.Learn from the Ancient Scriptures how to perfect your life,and move to the top,the Transscental Realm. A great show is planned.Listen ! .

Where were you the day that Our Beloved President Kennedy was taken away from us? 50TH Anniversary of one of the worst days in U.S. History CALL IN 718-508-9617 Where were you when this great tragedy occured?How did it... more

FREE READINGS CALL IN NUMBER 718-508-9617 WHAT'S IN THE STARS FOR YOU? THE PHILOSOPHY OF ASTROLOGY FREE READINGS;CALL IN # 718-508-9617 For thousands of years humankind has looked to the stars for... more

We invite all our Holloween listeners to find out more about the things that go bump in the night. Ghosts are beings without a gross material body. We examine who these subtle being are and why they can be seen from time to time. The... more

I first heard this expression,Chakras, in the Summer of Love,1967.Somehow.someone knew about this topic,and we realized that what little information we had was superficial,and there was profound knowledge... more

The Power of Sound Vibration What is the special power of George Harrison's music? What did he know that made his music sublime? Join us as we discuss the power of Sound Vibration.According to The Vedas,the oldest Spiritual... more

Spirt Speaks 2-Messages from the Other Side MEDIUMS: Recently this term has become the most popular catch-phrase in our culture.Everyone is talking about it!There are popular televison shows,the subject has lit up the internet,also many... more

Tonight we have a very special guest,Reverend Pamela Hill Taylor.Pamela is a a Ordained Spiritualist excellent Medium,Master Astrologer,and a well known teacher of classes on Dreams,Psychic Deveopment,and... more