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The truth about judgments, the judgment business, judgment buyers, contingency judgment recovery, judgment leads, and everything about judgments.

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The new way to start or improve a Judgment Business. It is 2012, and the tides are shifting - it's time to outsource your judgment business, Mark Shapiro of JugmentBuy.com, explains why, with at least one guest caller, discussing... more

When recovering judgments, bank and job locates are crucial, as often they are the only way to recover judgments. On this show we discuss ways to discover where your judgment debtor works or banks, and the pros and cons of... more

Hot potato judgments - the kind that nobody holds onto, tough judgments that are shopped until they expire, and how telling the truth to creditors can help, and how to maximize the chance of recovering tough judgments. Half hour show, with... more

Judgment Leads, and raw judgment leads, how a raw judgment might be worth zero if there is a problem with the judgment debtor or the judgment creditor. Most judgment owners are not ready to get their judgments enforced.

Bankruptcy and your judgment, how even judgments for fraud are not really always bankruptcy proof, what to do when your debtor files for bankruptcy protection. I am not a lawyer, I just have lots of experience with my judgment... more

All about recovering judgments with Contingency Lawyers and Contingency Collections. Quantum Meruit fees, extra costs that come up, the pros and cons of different choices. Questions, Skype Mark@GoGuys.com

Mark Shapiro, of www.JudgmentBuy.com explains how to sell a judgment, and what to expect when you try to sell it. Some judgments are easier to sell than blocks of ice in Alaska, some are harder to sell.
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