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The truth about judgments, the judgment business, judgment buyers, contingency judgment recovery, judgment leads, and everything about judgments.

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Today's show will be on the topic of lawsuit and legal funding and how it relates to getting a judgment and even recoverying a judgment. We will start the show with a call from Joe Genovesi of legalfunding.com, then take a few calls from... more

Mark Shapiro of JudgmentBuy.com discusses Judgment Pricing and evaluations, and what judgment buyers are looking for.Most judgment owners prefer to sell their judgments for as much cash upfront as they can possibly get. Because... more

Mark Shapiro of JudgentBuy.com where Judgment Recovery and Judgment Collection are expertly referred for free, discusses the issues with rich or wealthy judgment debtors. Especially in a tough economy, at least 90% of judgment... more

Mark Shapiro has had many roles, while never being a lawyer, he has run several companies and been a CFO before, and shares his unique views and tips on forming and signing contracts both in and out of the judgment recovery... more

Judgment Collection - the best explanation of judgment collection from Judgment Broker Mark Shapiro, Judgments do not collect themselves, and the courts will not help you collect your judgment. Usually, a judgment is just a piece of paper with... more

Many judgment recovery experts grow tired of creditors who will not sign their paperwork. When creditors see future-payment judgment recovery paperwork for the first time, often they refuse to sign it. When this happens, most creditors... more

Presuming that your judgment debtor wishes to pay you, what is a good place and method to get paid? Ideally you would never meet your judgment debtor face to face, after the judgment was rendered. They might be rude, or worse. In... more

All around the country, the word Contingency is being attacked. More than one lawyer has told me that judgment enforcers should not use the words "contingent" or "contingency" in any communications with original judgment creditors,... more

The economic mess affects judgment enforcers, depresses cash upfront judgment prices, and lowers the chances of most judgments ever being recovered. Because of these reasons and others, cash upfront prices for... more

Sometimes a judgment debtor will not pay your judgment, and they own real estate property, why not just have the Sheriff sell it to satisfy the judgment? That is one of those things that sound cheaper, easier, and more logical than it... more
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