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The Jubilee Christian Radio Network is a subdivision of Soul Sound Entertainment Group, L.L.C. The Jubilee Christian Radio Network is a show that is all about the people of God. Rev. Shawn McCastle, a student and practitioner of the word of God, hosts The Jubilee Christian Radio Network. This show seeks to share the word of God through His word. This is a Christian broadcast, which will feature great women and men of God guest, praise and worship, and a slew of other special features relevant to lifting up God’s to mission here as a on the earth. Listeners may call and interact with guests and the host at (347) 215-6920.

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Is honesty an endangered virtue? Today, this show will plow through the issues in which surround people who camouflage, embellish, or just down right lie about their situation to make it appear better than it truly is. We will attempt to give a... more
Jubilee Radio

Hope in a Dreary Circumstance

  • by Jubilee Radio
Hope in a Dreary Circumstance “When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, who brought you up from the land of... more
Jubilee Radio

The Various Schemes on the Internet

  • by Jubilee Radio
Here at “The Jubilee Christian Radio Network,” we consider it an obligation to inform our listeners, other show host, and all our friends of the various schemes and scams that are especially prevalent on the Internet as we put ourselves... more

Jubilee Radio

Check Out the Show With Ashanti Witherspoon

  • by Jubilee Radio
If you have not checked out the show which I conducted with Ashanti Witherspoon, please do so, it will be a blessing to you. He discusses various topics, including the divine intervention which took place in his life while serving... more

Anxiety or worry is one of the most counterproductive issues known to the human race, yet we still encounter anxiety. This show discusses information on anxiety and how our Lord and Savior desires how we deal with the problems.

General discussion.
Jubilee Radio

Shawn McCastle Interviews Ashanti Witherspoon

  • by Jubilee Radio
Author and Pastor, Ashanti Witherspoon joins BlogTalkRadio host Shawn McCastle on “The Shawn McCastle Show” June 30, 2008 at 12 p.m. Central time. Noted Author and Pastor will discuss How to be the Best that God wants You to... more

This is the launch of the new Jubilee Christian Radio Network. Special co-host Keisha Williams will be with us tonight as we launch the introdution of this new show. In His Gracious Service, Rev. Shawn McCastle, Pastor –... more