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The HighAltitude Mentorship Show

The High-Altitude Mentorship Show


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Focus. Clarity. Strategies. Mental toughness! Join international success coach and inspirational speaker JT DeBolt on Wednesdays at 10:30 am EST to get it!

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In business (and life), there are only two answers: yes, or no. Maybes are dream killers. Those words are sage advice for anyone—especially entrepreneurs—who are pursuing a life of purpose and a mission that... more

The challenge most businesses face is creating more revenue, attracting more clients and closing more sales. Or so they think. The real challenge most businesses face—especially the entrepreneurs leading them—is... more

Entrepreneurs are the only people on earth that would willingly trade a 40-hour, 5-day work week for 80-hour, 7-day work week. Some call that insanity. But insanity, as Albert Einstein once said, ?is doing the same thing over and over... more

Let's face it: there are times in business when the journey absolutely sucks. However, it doesn't have to be that way all the time. Sometimes it just takes approaching the situations with a little mental toughness and a mindset for... more

What does it mean to be ?successful?? How do you define success? And how do you know when you arrive at it? Interestingly, most entrepreneurs lack the clarity on what their version of success looks like, and often, fail to reach the... more

One of the bigger requests people have when it comes to setting goals and accomplishing their missions in business and life is they want more motivation. Motivation is great….but it's fleeting. In fact, motivation is a bit like dessert:... more

Some of the biggest concerns business owners have are generating revenue, increasing sales, expanding their market share and growing their client base. No matter what your area of expertise or niche, the answer to all of these concerns... more

Have you ever dealt with a dramatic drop-off in momentum, productivity or results in your business? Isn't it frustrating…and a little scary? Fact is, it happens to every business, but the strong leaders know how to bounce back and use the... more

The ugly truth about entrepreneurship is that nobody talks about the tough road that sometimes unfolds, especially just after the excitement of beginning wears off. Most entrepreneurs don't find THAT part out until well-after the buzz... more

Business (and life) is a learning process. We have victories, and we have lessons. The lesson typically come after making a few mistakes here and there, but there are 3 specific mistakes that entrepreneurs make that have big consequences... more
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