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The HighAltitude Mentorship Show

The High-Altitude Mentorship Show


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Focus. Clarity. Strategies. Mental toughness! Join international success coach and inspirational speaker JT DeBolt on Wednesdays at 10:30 am EST to get it!

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What's the quickest way to fail, flounder the flub your way through mediocrity? Try going it alone. Want to achieve eye-watering success? Get a mentor. Plain and simple. But as straight-forward as that solution is, many people don't know... more

High-performance businesses thrive in the spotlight, while everyone else dies in obscurity. It's a sad reality of business (and life). International sales expert and all-around business badass Grant Cardone doesn't mince words when it comes... more

What separates the high-performing people of the world from the rest? Do they know something that the rest don't? Are they genetically modified for success…or do they simply think and act in a slightly different way that... more

What if you tapped into ancient wisdom that has been the source of business and life success for thousands of years? Would you keep it for yourself or would you share it with the world? Join JT as he explores 8 age old success principles that... more

How structured you are in your day will dictate how much money you make, how much influence you earn and how much market share you get. But even with that said, it's challenging to convince entrepreneurs that they need structure.... more

?Failure is not an option!?…the rally cry of the entrepreneur (or more accurately, the amateur entrepreneur). You see, failure is always an option, and the professionals know that when properly framed, it can be a golden... more

Success—in business and life—comes down to doing a few simple steps in the right order, then repeating the process. It's simple, but it's not always easy. And no matter how many ?blueprints?, ?formulas? ?recipes? or ?secrets?... more

Entrepreneurship is all about guts, grit and staying the course. So often, good people quit just inches from hitting their personal gold mines, and all that was required from them to strike it rich as to stay in the game a little longer. Join JT... more

When was the last time you learned something from a ?newbie?? Or a child? or even someone outside your area of discipline or niche? Believe it or not, those people can be a mainspring of great ideas and insights. Sure, you can learn a lot... more

Entrepreneurs of the world, pay close attention: the world needs you. One of the great cancers of modern society is the pervasive sense of entitlement. And it's everywhere. The major problem with entitlement is that it breeds victimhood.... more
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