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The HighAltitude Mentorship Show

The High-Altitude Mentorship Show


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Focus. Clarity. Strategies. Mental toughness! Join international success coach and inspirational speaker JT DeBolt on Wednesdays at 10:30 am EST to get it!

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There is an affliction that kills more success, more dreams and more greatness than just about any other force in the universe. It takes on my forms: procrastination, impatience, anxiety…the list goes on and on. And it goes... more

Since when did striving for success become a bad thing? When do the notion that settling for ?good enough? become ‘noble'? There is a big difference between greed and wanting to be all you can be. The sad reality is, like many... more

How do you perceive and think about failure? What is it? What does it look like? What are the characteristics of failure…and how does it impact your life? In today's society that demands instant results and glorifies ?perfection?, too... more

Accomplishing anything of significance comes with sacrifice. That's just the reality of life. And sometimes the pain of sacrifice can intimidate some into backing away from their greatest potential. Too often, people shy away from pain, even taking... more

Now that the ?new year, new me? hype has died down, the gyms and health clubs are starting to return to their normal traffic levels and the dreamers with their resolutions have given way to the DOERS and their relentlessness for success, it... more

If you're an entrepreneur, leader or someone who knows your purpose in life, you've likely heard the term ‘vision' once or twice. Indeed, the most high-performing individuals in the world from all walks of life can be thought of... more

What do you do when life deals you a tough hand? When you get knocked of the horse? When unfortunate events seem to stack up against you…despite your best efforts? The emotionally strong and mentally tough know that it takes more... more

Opportunity is all around us. Every minute. Every day. And the sad reality is not that we cannot have it, but that we rarely say yes to what we want. Because of overthinking, fear of judgement from people who don't matter, or a simple lack of... more

Look around at the highest-performing individuals in any field and you'll find certain traits and characteristics the set them apart. In this series, called Keys To High-Performance, we explore the characteristics and disciplines of elite... more

What do high-performers in life, business and sports rely on to stay in control during challenging situations; to not only move on from disappointments, but capitalize on them and use them to a competitive advantage? What do Super... more
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