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When Jesus CAST Demons Into Swine

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James R Brayshaw

James R Brayshaw


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Have you heard the one about the herd of pigs walking along the plain innocently grazing and all of a sudden…BAM!... They get filled with demons and end up maniacally running down the bank and into the sea?




The Gospels seem to spell it out as if supernatural demons went from controlling inasaniacs in the cemetery to infusing a couple thousand pigs on a sunny afternoon near Jerusalem. But wait! There are a whole lot of things in this story that show us something else was going on. Things like;

One Gospel says there were two men while the other says there was only 1 man that encountered Yeshua.

The practice of tormenting crazy men in the cemetery was quite common in the first century so maybe the men thought Yeshua was coming to harass them like other Jewish “exorcists”.

Most of us have never been told that the Tenth Roman Regiment, a group known by their banner, a swine, were the law in them parts. Did they have anything to do with this?


Have you ever wondered how far away the sea was from Gadara? How could someone see this great herd of pigs race into the sea when it was at least 6 miles away?


Join Jim and Angellah for this astronomically liberating show. On today’s broadcast we will be finding out who the men in the cemetery were. Why they were worried Jesus was going to torment them. Were these men filled with literal demons or does the word demon possessed possibly refer to their mental state?


We would love you to come along and find out just what went on in that cemetery that day. Listen in to hear the whole sordid tale…a tale that has now been shown to be about the true healer, healing the insane pariahs of a condition that resulted in the whole city seeing the men sitting, learning from the Master, “in their right mind.”