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The Good News About Satan in Matthew's Gospel

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James R Brayshaw

James R Brayshaw


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In a two millennia long trail of passing down the “Good News” it is time we heard the Good news about Satan.


That’s right. I know, some of us can barely stand to say the name of Satan, thinking it is an invitation for him or his minion spirits to force their way into our souls in a cold rush of demonic air. But is there Good News about Satan in the Gospel of Matthew?

Could it be that the book of Matthew has brought us tales, stories, and teaching that show us all we need to know about Satan? Wouldn’t it be marvelous to know what Matthew, the alleged author of the first book of the New Testament, has to say about the Satan of our Christian tradition? And how great would it be if we learned Matthew showed us Satan is not real?

Join Jim and Angellah for this series if you can stomach hearing the Gospel of Satan.

Thousands have fearlessly traversed the craggy mountains of misinformation about this roiling entity and his minions of hate. And you too can jubilantly step to the sunny side of the precipice upon hearing the Good News. News that leaves the idea of a literal Satan clamouring to claw its way back to the realm of reality. Find out in this show how the stage was set in Matthew’s gospel to show you and I exactly how to know the Good News about Satan that Christ and His apostles knew.


Call your grandbabies and let them know that the Good news about Satan is only an hour away. Tune in to the opening show in this Matthew series that picks apart each and every satanic nugget. Your load will be lightened when you hear that Satan is not found in the Gospel of Matthew…..Now that’s Good NEWS!!

See you at 1:30 PM CST on Sunday