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Was Satan Perfect Or A Liar From The Beginning?

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James R Brayshaw

James R Brayshaw


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Was Satan Perfect or Was He A Liar From The Beginning?

Who of us hasn't lied? Maybe not  in as grand a way as Lance Armstrong but unlike Satan, perhaps he wasn't always a liar.

Beside all the great things the Bible has brought, the numerous contradictions have caused some pretty grave things to take place. In the name of the Bible we have seen slavery, wife beating, child abuse, genocides, cullings, sexual deviance, death of children who are denied medical treatment, wars, and so many more social distortions. And according to the most populous and ardent supporters of its accuracy and literality, the Bible clearly teaches there is satan.  But is there a problem here? Why does it say in one place Satan was perfect from the beginning yet in another it says Satan is a liar and murderer from the beginning?

Scholars rarely dive into these sorts of contradictory interpretations. Particularly when one verse says kill a guy and the other says don’t. It is no different with religion’s greatest adversary.

Are lying and murdering are okay? Was Satan lying and murdering in heaven? Or have we misunderstood both the anointed cherub passage that says he was perfect and the John 8 passage that says he was not perfect from the beginning?

So which was it? Was this devil a liar or was he perfect at the start?

If this can make your head swim then you are coming to the right place. Join us as Jim and Angellah drain that pond of confusion in your thinker and they throw in a life-buoy of understanding.


Join us Friday at 6PM to catch up on the who or what was perfect and a liar from the beginning.