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Our topics of discussion will almost always include "stupid stuff guys do", the paranormal, the zombie apocalypse, and any subject our listeners want.

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Tune in this Thursday at 8pm CST to listen and WATCH (We'll be broadcasting with BTR and Livestream, thought this will be our last BTR broadcast) your favorite post-apocalypse radio hosts (now video!) discuss this weeks show... more

This next show is going to be a favorite for every tech geek out there! Para Tech Randy and Ghost Hunter Larry are going to talk about their own tech inventions and how they're used, both in paranormal investigation and in everyday life.... more

From creator Seng2kx come the teen horror/dramedy called Pretty Undead. " When these 4 High School girls get together the UNDEAD won't stand a chance.." We've had them on the show before as guests and guest callins, but now... more

Whether you call it Duck Tape, Duct Tape, or get this crap off my hands tape... we've all used and abused the glorious little roll of silver heaven. From making wallets to floating boats on Mythbusters, Duck Tape has so many practical uses... more

As some are aware, JP Host Dan Norvell just had a bout with a, as some would say, record setting Kidney stone. So large in fact it was givien a name, "Miglio". In this epidoe we'll sit down with Dan as he depicts his experience with... more

Our first Conspiracy Theory show was such a great success, we're going to do another one with more great theories that have rocked America. Theories for this show include: Global Warming The Moon Landing (Fake) JFK Assassination... more

For those of you who haven't been able to see the posts going back and forth in our private group on FB, Ghosthunter Dan has been throwing out ideas left and right for future shows. The only problem is, some of them are SO WIERD that... more

What does Salem, broomsticks, witches, and Mass. have in common? Tom Codair! Our newest member to the JPAR staff will be leading us on this show about witches and the Salem Witch Trial, which occured in his home state. Tune... more

Hoaxes and Urban Legends have been a part of our culture for hundreds of years, and it seems over time they become more elaborate and believable. We'll be sharing our favorite hoaxes and urban legends of all time, tune in 8PM... more

Who loves bacon? We love bacon! Bacon is the one food that goes great with everything, and in honor of National Hamburger Month we're going to dedicate this show to bacon and the burgers it goes on! Tune in at 8PM CST to share in... more