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Political commentary at its most irreverent! Tiz fearlessly floods the online airwaves telling it like it is - unafraid to speak her mind... daring to unearth truths and voice that which is foremost on the minds of Americans today. Popular guest of hot talk radio and quoted by Coulter, Dobbs and the like... when you want relief from the lame stream media, tune in to the Tizzinator for shocking and revealing political analysis at its best! Libs love to hate her, conservatives rely on her honest appraisal of the political landscape... tune in for a wild ride with the Tizzinator!!!

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Curtice Mang earned a Political Science degree after attending college during the depths of the Carter Administration, a time where the only thing worse than the Carter malaise was Disco. He is the author of two books, the recently... more
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Drs. Kris Held and Jane Hughes are back to discuss Zero Care. As practicing physicians, they are only too familiar with what is available on the exchanges compared to the supposedly ?inferior? insurance products consumers were once... more

Comon Core has been described as a curriculm written by madmen. It's not just the government forcing it on your children, the teachers' unions are doing their part to indoctrinate America's future adults into this twisted cult. Joy, along with... more

Adam Bellow is the Publisher and CEO of Liberty Island. A publishing professional for 25 years, specializing in books for a conservative audience, Bellow has published dozens of bestselling authors. In addition, Bellow is currently Editorial... more

The shocking expose of the US government's surveillance and overreach into cybersecurity, medicine and small business. Author Michael J Daughtrey tells the story of how the federal government tried to destroy his small business. While... more

Greg Raths is resolute in his commitment to the conservative principles that have guided him throughout his life and throughout his years of service to his country. At the core of those principles lies a firm belief in limited government... more

Awareness of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development is racing across the nation as citizens in community after community are learning what their city planners are actually up to. According to its authors, the objective of sustainable... more

Scottie Nell Hughes is the News Director of Her stories include on the street interview packages to entertaining yet revealing interviews with some of the most notorious names in both politics and Hollywood. Scottie Nell's interviews... more

Think you know all of the terrible truths about Hillary Clinton, the likely Democrat nominee in 2016? Find out in this alarming, but essential interview with Doug Johnson. Doug is an author, public speaker and business consultant. His... more

Please enjoy the repeat podcast. The Demonization and control of doctors under Obamacare. Dr. Held has read, reported on, and participated in tweeting the entire Affordable Care Act. She is Co-Founder of AmericanDoctors4Truth,... more

The Soviet Roots of Common Core Common Core is based on the writings of madmen. If parents are uncomfortable with it, they are right. Two of the primary writers of teacher training are Linda Darling and William Ayers. Linda Darling... more