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Political commentary at its most irreverent! Tiz fearlessly floods the online airwaves telling it like it is - unafraid to speak her mind... daring to unearth truths and voice that which is foremost on the minds of Americans today. Popular guest of hot talk radio and quoted by Coulter, Dobbs and the like... when you want relief from the lame stream media, tune in to the Tizzinator for shocking and revealing political analysis at its best! Libs love to hate her, conservatives rely on her honest appraisal of the political landscape... tune in for a wild ride with the Tizzinator!!!

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The Democrats turned Colorado from red to blue and now they're working on other red states. How did they do it? Regina Thomson tells us how Colorado went from a reliably red state to a hopelessly blue one. Thomson is President of the Colorado Tea Party as well as President of the Colorado Issues Coalition. The Issues Coalition was formed to be active on state and local issues in Colorado and managed to defeat a statewide tax increase in 2011. They are also fully engaged on gun issues, recall election and matters related to fracking. Tags: Regina Thomson, Colorado, red state, blue state, democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, Obama, Tea Party
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You and your organization have a message. Now it's time to get the truth out to as many people as possible. But how? The lame stream media isn't going to help any Tea Party or conservative group get their message out. New York... more

Bob Hamer is co author with Oliver North of the thriller, Counterfeit Lies, the story of veteran undercover FBI agent Jake Kruse who is investigating a smuggling ring in southern California when his assignment is cut short. A prominent criminal... more

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Bob Zeidman studied physics and electrical engineering at Cornell and Stanford, and filmmaking at De Anza College. He is the founder of several successful high tech Silicon Valley firms, holds numerous patents, and is considered a pioneer... more

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