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Political commentary at its most irreverent! Tiz fearlessly floods the online airwaves telling it like it is - unafraid to speak her mind... daring to unearth truths and voice that which is foremost on the minds of Americans today. Popular guest of hot talk radio and quoted by Coulter, Dobbs and the like... when you want relief from the lame stream media, tune in to the Tizzinator for shocking and revealing political analysis at its best! Libs love to hate her, conservatives rely on her honest appraisal of the political landscape... tune in for a wild ride with the Tizzinator!!!

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Just where is Mrs. Anthony Weiner these days? The Muslim Brotherhood Princess, Huma Abedin, Hillary's most trusted adviser used Hillarymail herself. Huma had unfettered access to the highest level of classified documents in the... more

Johnnie Moore is author of Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity In The Place Of Its Birth and In Your Own Backyard. He is former Vice President for Executive Projects and Media Relations and Campus Pastor at Liberty University. A... more

Dr. Jeffrey Singer: The ongoing debate over ObamaCare has obscured another important example of government meddling in medicine. Starting this year, physicians like myself who treat Medicare patients must adopt electronic health... more

We must be getting close. The most recent revelation – that Hillary used an untraceable personal email account during her tenure as Secretary of State should be a tipping point. Details of the under-the-radar communications are just... more

Deep blue Wisconsin recently became a right-to work state under Scott Walker's leadership. Despite the hue and cry from unions, Governor Walker insists that the law will benefit the economy by attracting new businesses to Wisconsin.... more

Navy SEAL and best-selling author, Eric Greitens offers a masterpiece of warrior wisdom. In 2012, Eric unexpectedly heard from a former brother SEAL. Zach Walker had been one of the toughest of the tough. But since his return home... more

The controversial decision by the UC Irvine student body government to ban the American flag – as well as all other flags – speaks to broader generational shifts in views of patriotism. The Christian Science Monitor cites... more

Harry Reid funneled billions in taxpayer dollars to green mafia companies run by former ades Now he's got two black eyes. Reid secured subsidies for aides' donors. The Nevada Dem brags about support for green energy companies as... more

What did Russia or China see? Hillary's use of a personal email account goes beyond typical Clintonian sleaze. This time, alarms should be going off about how secure her emails were from hackers. Imagine the interest. And let's not forget... more