Sperm Meets Egg

Sperm Meets Egg


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Host Bridgit Danner, LAc of Joyful Mammas offers natural fertility medical education including diet, lifestyle and supplementation to achieve pregnancy. Join Bridgit as she interviews leading experts in the field of holistic fertility and find your pathway to pregnancy!

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In working with many smart, wonderful women over the years, I've also seen where these lovely ladies "hide out." When we are trying to do something as meaningful as making a baby, fears come up. Avoidance comes up. Jealousy... more

Hearing from a physician that you have 'bad eggs' is one of the most discouraging things. But is it really true? And is it really that simple? In this information-packed call, you will learn: 1. Why determining egg quality is not black or white 2. What... more

Stefani was on our last telesummit, talking about PCOS. She also runs the blog, Paleo for Women. Stefani is also a doctoral candidate in philosophy, a world traveler, and a bold, thoughtful women who teaches us to love life, no matter our... more

Women's health and fertility is very much enhanced by a smooth adjustment into motherhood, and a successful discovery of balance as your baby moves through her stages. Please join your host, Bridgit Danner, as she interviews... more

Would you love to know my favorite herbs and supplements for fertility? I've had a lot of practice in what works best for my patients. I'm also a supplement nut and have tried just about everything on myself! I am also completely... more

Too many small business owners are not taking care of business as the song says. Not to say they are not being proactive or doing lots of things, but there are five behind the scenes areas that need attention if a business is to thrive.... more

In this live epidsode, my friend and mentor Dr. Ritamaire Loscalzo will discuss methodology to get to the root cause of illness, and solve it. This episode is desgined with practitioners in mind, and could also be interesting for those of... more

On this live call I'll cover: The two best tests to start with Basic Blood Tests that Can Reveal Thyroid Disorder, Blood Sugar Issues and Digestive Issues that Can Impair Your Fertility Saliva Tests for How Your Hormones Behave... more

Every savvy woman trying to get pregnant wants to make the best choices with her diet. Join your host, Bridgit Danner of Joyful Mammas, as she interviews Mary Goyer, MS of AUFertility • Find out if you're eating any of the 5 food groups... more

I'm very excited to be interviewing a true expert in the field of fertility, Paula Acker. Paula is a licensed clinical social worker here in my hometown of Portland. She helps single women and couples with a range of decisions and emotional... more
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