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My show is about the Astrology, Plant Lore and Tarot- how it can benefit your life and exploring its cultural-historical impact on society.

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Lets work together to have more fufilling relationships: whether that is Friendships, Couples, Family, Married ones. Open calls whole show- lets try to reharmonize ourselves Intuitive readings with Vex & The Karma Deck with Joy
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Build your chi up with the power of now and some helpful affirmations

Hello everyone, Thanks so much for the Love and support with your continued listenership! Special Morining show we live in dark times in our world- and we need to find ways to develop our psychic defense and connecting with our soul... more

ESCAPE THE MATRIX THIS SUNDAY WITH JOY MA! Dark escape from your astral & physical reality- -house of darkness & meeting with the Greenman- -helping our light workers-

ASTROLOGY, HERBS, & TAROT Today we talk of mesmeirs', nephilm's on asteroids; Crystal skull energy reservoir & magicians We can protect ourselves spiritually and understand how our world works to master and obtain FULL... more

Positive Mediatations and affirmations Herbs that reinvigorate: Red Ginseng & White Ginseng Attunment for harmony: Herkimer diamond

talks about chamomile, 9 of swords vs, 9 of coins energy! grab some andance with Joy as she talks about the uses of chamomile-"The Love Herb" 9 of swords energy of stress & worry mind (job) vs. 9 of coins of phyically maniesfting beauty... more

Today this sunday Joy is going to mediatate on some Kabalaah wisdom contemplating the meaning of Divine Judgement Crystal being used Brazilian amethyst (given to me by a 7th generation powerful etheric healer)

Call in to listen to an exciting show on Astrology, Herbs, & Tarot Joy will be talking about her experiences with angry Pluto and how to tackle this energy Open call for readings 2nd part of show- Joy will be using strict astrology deck... more

Astrology transit this Sunday

join me for more clare joy!