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My show is about Astrology, Plant Lore and Spiritual readings_ The focus will be Christianity with an independent perspective and Shamanic arts dealing with universal concepts relating to our everyday world. Hopefully this information benefits your life as I explore the spiritual nature of our world and its cultural-historical impact it has had on our society.

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In the movie the "Matrix", the characters contemplate their sense of reality and the definition of what seems real? I your host Joy, will contemplate the nature of the Holographic Universe? Do we have the power to recreate our reality as we see... more

Listen to part 2 of the Neptune and Jesus Mermaids

Hello again, it's your Spiritual Talk show Host Joy with another exciting show. It's all about Uranus this time and how we can all best utilize this energy in the age of Aquarius. I will also be looking through sign Aquarius for answers regaring this... more

This show is discovering who and what is the Divine Feminine energy all about? Planet Venus and mention of the late Elizabeth Claire Prophet energy.. Is it ok to be a Goddess yourself? Taking a look at the Gaian Priniciple and Sophia... more

Tune in to this show as I, your host Joy, delve deep into what the true meaning of love is? Romeo and Juilet and the Lovers card in the Major Archana deck plus personal experience should weigh into love's true message for our souls.

Join us again on Christian Sage radio as I your Host Joy dive into Mermaids, Jesus, and their connection to Neptune planetary energy.

What happens to us when we die? I'll share some of my near death experiences. Please call in and share!

Jesus True teachings? The Pope? The Goddess? Who to serve? Joy tries to tackle these Spiritual roles throughout Man's Culture and Society. Also, more about this upcoming Solar escplise and Blood Moon?

How can we stop our Devils from pestering us? Self awarness on who this being is and how its energies affects our own in society. Short mention on the upcoming Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse for September. Late Shoutout to Leonard Nimoy... more

Join me with Astrology, Herbs, & Tarot Thursday's abundance- Learning to forgive in order to attract true abundance Open calls