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Joyce Barrie & Friends... With stimulating talk, news you can use and ways to stay home, have FUN and make more money. Motivation, inspiration, and education. Positive, happy thoughts to improve your life, health, and finances. Take positive actions to create a gratifying lifestyle. Life Lessons from me, your host, Joyce Barrie, straight from the Coach's Corner and some valuable insights and specific recommendations about having a lucrative, home business. And not to be missed, our special friend(s)each and every day to motivate and inspire you to have what you want in ALL areas of your life.

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You are probably familiar with your IQ, but what about your EQ? EQ means ?Emotional Intelligence?—it's a different kind of mental ?program? than your IQ -- and it is far more important to your health, happiness and success. Some people with brilliant IQs have devised the most amazing methods of mass destruction, while others have nothing better to do than disrupt your life by stealing your identify and/or infecting your computer with viruses. Jails are full of clever criminals with high IQs, but rarely will you find people with high EQs committing crimes. Rather, they have compassion, kindness, gratitude, appreciation and an ability to enjoy life – in spite of its ups and downs. Join Beverly Nadler and find out more about your EQ and how to use it to create the life you desire.
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Have you thought about if you are spiritual, religious, neither or both? If so, how does this impact your life? Hear from the Voice of Reason, John Bell and perhaps you will make some impoortant distinctions.

Hear the beautiful Thanksgiving message from beloved, Pastor Debra L. Smith. Focus on gratitude for life's blessings, and love and peace.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with us today. Be grateful for your friends and life's blessings. Make a difference for those less fortunate.

Genece Miller introduces us to the WEEZERS. They are lovable characters whose mission it is to STOP THE BULLYING!!! Candace Grube (CEO) and Roy Mader (VP) join us on this special day before Thanksgiving, to share their... more

We have National Treasure, Jesse Epps on our show today. Jesse served in the White House as an Advisor to President Lyndon B. Johnson and V. P., Hubert H. Humphrey in impacting the Civil Right Movement. Mr. Epps was a close... more

Hear about the little pill with the BIG results!!! Hear about healthy products along with a wonderful, healthy business opportunity. Brandon Langer, Sr. V. P. of Symmetry is our special guest.

Hear from Author, Stewart Emery, an Extraordinary Workshop Leader. Stewart asks, "who is in your room?" Are you listening to coaches and mentors? Have you found your passion? Have you stepped into your greatness?

Ted Ciuba is an extraordinary man. He is the Author of the "NEW Think and Grow Rich." He is a Marketing Guru. He is a Coach, a Mentor, and a Friend to many people and always make a difference. Who is Ted Ciuba, the man behind... more

Please call in on Wednesday, November 16, to ask our Voice of Reason, Radio Personality, John Bell and Host, Joyce Barrie those questions about that which bothers you. For example, "why won't men stop and ask for directions?" We are... more

For all of you who believe the holidays will not net results in your business, hear from Author, Herbert Harris on how to turn this around. Use the holidays to get your results.
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