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Joyce Barrie & Friends... With stimulating talk, news you can use and ways to stay home, have FUN and make more money. Motivation, inspiration, and education. Positive, happy thoughts to improve your life, health, and finances. Take positive actions to create a gratifying lifestyle. Life Lessons from me, your host, Joyce Barrie, straight from the Coach's Corner and some valuable insights and specific recommendations about having a lucrative, home business. And not to be missed, our special friend(s)each and every day to motivate and inspire you to have what you want in ALL areas of your life.

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According to recent research, it is expected that 40% of Americans can expect to have diabetes in their lifetime. Scary statistics. But you don't have to be among them. You have far more control over your health and your life than you may believe. The information and facts you will learn in today's show with our Health Guru, Beverly Nadler, can help you avoid this debilitating disease, even if it ?runs in your family.? In addition, if you already have diabetes, this information may improve your health so much that your doctor may recommend reducing your medication. Join us today for a very important topic.
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Psychic, medium, channeler, spiritualist , clairvoyant, astrologer - those words just begin to describe our highly gifted guest today, the extraordinary Peter Marks. For decades, Peter has been working with everyday people, CEOs and celebrities... more

Preventing Ebola is possible. With 3,300 people dead in the West African epidemic, the arrival of Ebola in the US has caused concern and alarm. Ebola is the major news subject of the day and the cover article of the Oct. 13 issue of... more

Yesterday, our show had the BREAKING NEWS about legalizing same sex marriage. Our special guest was Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald, PhD. Today, we have Martin Wiech, and Mario... more

The Supreme Court effectively made same sex marriage legal in 11 additional states, Couples in these states should soon be able to obtain marriage licenses and be legally wed. This decision immediately became the most talked... more

SCANDALS - Notorious and disgraceful, they made headlines. There was Monica Lewinsky. Gary Hart, Rod Blagojevich and Ted Haggard. There was Watergate and the downfall of a President. No doubt, you have heard of these. I wonder if... more

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year for Jews. The central themes are atonement and repentance. Jews traditionally observe this holy day with a 25-hour period of fasting and prayer, often... more

If everything is energy -- and science confirms that it is -- then no matter what we do to heal, we are using energy and vibrations. But since so many people are sick, many with chronic or life-threatening diseases, the question is... more

Awesome Radio Personality, the Voice of Reason, John Bell, shares his favorite "Stupid News" stories that he collected over the years for Z100, a premier radio station in the New York market. You have to hear these stories. Hard to believe... more

We are all familiar with that popular line from the Jerry Maguire movie - "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" George Najjar, CEO of Boresha International, says "Show me the value and benefits, and then the money will pour like a rainstorm." If you... more

There have been massive retail data breaches recently -- breaches that can negatively affect you and people you know. Sadly, things are not getting better for us--they are getting worse. Corporate data thefts have taken a significant toll on... more
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