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Telomeres – The Secret of Longevity - Beverly Nadler

  • Broadcast in Health
Joyce Barrie and Friends

Joyce Barrie and Friends


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Telomeres are often in the news lately. They have even been equated to the “fountain of youth.” But what are they, really? They are the caps at the end of every cell in your body – like the caps at the ends of shoelaces that keep them from fraying .

Why are they important, you ask? Every moment of your life all your cells are dividing and replicating. As cells divide, these ends, the telomeres, get shorter and shorter. When they are too short for the cells to divide, the cells die. Long telomeres mean a long life, short telomeres mean a short life. Discover how to keep your telomeres from shortening. Better yet, find out how to lengthen them. Join us for a fascinating show with our Health Guru, Beverly Nadler. If a healthy, long-life is important to you, be sure to listen and learn.