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Judgment Hurts, Love Heals - Beverly Nadler

  Broadcast in Spirituality

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One of the biggest obstacles to personal and spiritual growth is judgment. I'm not referring to the everyday judgments (or opinions and preferences) that lead to the decisions we make in our personal and professional life. I'm referring to the judgments that cause us to criticize and condemn. Often they're based on prejudice (prejudice means "pre" judging, without having all the facts). We live in an energy Universe; everything that exists is vibrations of energy.  What we attract and create in our lives is dependent on the vibrations of the energy we project. Judgment, and especially, prejudice, has a very dense, low "negative" frequency; it puts us in "vibrational harmony" with other low frequency energies that come into our life in the form of people, things and conditions.
For our own sake, we want to do everything in our power to release judgments and prejudices and replace them with love and compassion,
Listen to our guest, Beverly Nadler.  You may be surprised at what you learn about the negative power of judgment to hurt and the amazing power of love to heal.
Criticism and Condemnation
Frequencies of Energy
Vibrational Harmony