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"No Government Agency has jurisdiction over the Truth..." Joshua Coy is a talk radio host on 101.1 FM with WYDE's 100 thousand watt station, Birmingham AL

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Craigslist Searches for SURVEILANCE AND MILITARY ROLE PLAYERS IN SAN DIEGO!! FALSE FLAG on the way??? Anti-Obama Protestors Arrested by Commissars of the Federal Government MIT smart phones to monitor emotional... more

NEW STORY- RUSSIANS team with FEMA, new reports coming in every day from average americans and military seeing more than they were supposed to..... RAINWATER COLLECTION ILLEGAL...GOV BUYING UP E-FOODS n... more

Are the Elite planning on leaving the country sometime very soon? They're plotting to pull the rug out from under our feet while leaving the country like rats from a sinking ship? What is happennig? and so much more on todays show.

Russia building base at the Arctic Circle? - Gov wants to create Climate Safe People? - Real ID Act returns as Trojan Horse plan - Annoying a cop now a Felony Offence?

New Deal from DC says Russian Troops to be used as Security at US events!!! - United Nations planning on coming for US guns? - TSA harasses and pats down family members of plane crash victims moments after crash= and much more on... more

L-I-V-E this FRIDAY @ 1pm SHADOWradio is BACK ON THE AIR on FINALLY shadowRADIO is back on the air. Got a ton of stuff to cover on this show and will post content details later on Thanks for all the prayers,... more

14 year old suspended and then arrested for second amendment t-shirt - new anti gun technology unleashed - new database used to catalog medical patients- and more.

Ron Paul fears for nsa whistleblower's life - Department of Homeland Security beginning to train troops that tea party and patriots are the enemy - DHS orders more riot gear- n much more on todays installment.

DNA Checkpoints in Alabama begin with reports of DHS involvement with local cops - Pentagon goes after their own with OBAMAgate scandal - and much more on todays installment

Gonna get into BILDERBERG - FLUOURIDE IN THE BOTTLED WATER COMING SOON - the human testing reports recently released - and the IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT resurfaces