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"No Government Agency has jurisdiction over the Truth..." Joshua Coy is a talk radio host on 101.1 FM with WYDE's 100 thousand watt station, Birmingham AL

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The RADIO Underground- LIVE Tonight @ 9pm, (as long as Charter doesn't crash again), I'm going to cover the Continuing ARCTIC Conspiracy that is deliberately getting NO ATTENTION. . .along with several other stories, I'm going to get into... more

On Tonight's show: Are the ILLEGAL ALIENS being bussed in by our Fuhrer headed for Alabama? As the media dares to speak a word in condemnation of this unbelievable illegal act, what will the people of do? The Google... more

Hey kids, tonight on the show I've got everything from the new NATIONAL DNA Checkpoints that are quickly becoming a great deal more than just a conspiracy theory as the people fight back........ The United Nations is eager to capitalize on... more

Tonight on the RADIOunderground: I'll be doing a shorter show this evening, however am filling it full of the usual round of insanity... The Common Core for Adults will be discussed and how even if you don't have kids, your test scores... more

Tonight on the RADIOunderground, we get into the new U.S.A. and it's anti-America policies...BIG BROTHER AT THE CHECKOUT DHS policies on how we shop in America.... .WILL THE US MILITARY FIRE ON... more

thanks to Blog Talk radio's UNPROFESSIONAL SYSTEM...I'm going to finish my damn story about NASA on Sunday night at 7pm....I promise...

On the show tonight we'll get into the Nevada scandal...the big secret project NASA and the Military Industrial Complex has been hiding for over twenty years....the booming sounds in the sky reports grow, the previously unknown... more

We are doing our first new online show tonight and I have a ton of insane things to bring to you kids. It has been leaked that the US Military is working now to use trains in the relocation of American citizens as per the ideas of the War Powers... more

US TROOPS secretly being TRAINED HOW TO RUN "COMMUNITIES" 7th Grader EXPELLED for Playing with Toy Gun...AT HOME!! UN Small Arms Trade Treaty Signed TODAY by Kerry. Maryland prepares for Draconian Gun Law

9-11-2001 a day that will live in the Infirmary- What They used it to gain- How it's still used today...every day. Liberty For Sale- and the one thing missing from the 'official story'....TRUTH!! TAKING YOUR CALLS- THE ONE SHOW THAT... more