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In today's world of technology, are you drowning or surfing like a pro? Today, people and businesses are watering down their messages and forgotten why they started using this very effective and efficient marketing tool. The waters are... more

If you wrote a screenplay, of your life story, who would you choose to play you? How old would you be? What character would you be? Where and how would you live? Today and yesterday have nothing to do with tomorrow.... more

The Coaches team up with Dr. Diana Levine to discuss winterizing your body. There are new challenges ahead with the arrival of Fall and Winter. Let's listen in and discover how to the seasonal changes impacts our body.

Dr. Levine shares how sugar affects our daily lives.

I've Got A Friend In Facebook…. Well do I? What does it mean to have thousands of friends on Facebook? Facebook, like a lot of Social Media, is the perfect way to be availably unavailable. It is for the majority of us, a way to put... more

Coaches Desiree and Joseph take a fresh look at coaching. Are you are being coached into a box? Better yet are you being kept inside? They are going to talk about why some people find their coaching fresh and energizing. Tune in to get... more

Coaches Desiree Savory and Joseph Petrie of talk about Dreams and Goals. Have you ever seen a dog chasing its tail? Do you have clear pathways to your destination? Well let's talk about it. See you on the radio.

Desiree Savory and Joseph Petrie are going to talk about the advantages of having a Facebook Fan Page. Why is it important to separate your personal and professional profiles on Facebook?

How often have you gone to YouTube and searched for a video and found videos that don't exactly match what you were looking for - or you find unsavory results on the sponsored section? This show teaches you the importance of using... more

Coach Desiree Savory will answer your questions about GOOGLE. So much to do and so little time. The world of GOOGLE is for ever changing and adding more for you to do. See you in the air