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If you’re striving to make a meaningful difference in the world… If you’re longing to lead a purposeful, prosperous life… If you’re determined to be a successful leader or entrepreneur … Welcome!!! Featured Host Jory Fisher and her impressive array of guests will inspire you to fulfill your divine calling--and give glory to God through your work. *¨*♥☆♥☆♥*¨* As a professional coach and mentor, Jory specializes in helping Christian women leaders and entrepreneurs achieve optimal health and build purpose-guided businesses so they can make the difference they're called to make and glorify God through success. She also serves as a faculty member of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and as a coach for Safe Harbor Christian Counseling. *¨*♥☆♥☆♥*¨* Jory invites you to join her and her guests on Fridays at 11am Eastern; to listen to the archived shows of Heart & Soul; to visit her website at; and to leave questions and comments on her Facebook Business page

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In this episode, Christina brings us on her journey of self-discovery, where she uncovers her true passion: learning how to live her authentic path.Christina worked in Corporate America for over 20 years before she broke free to start... more

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Curt Johnson will discuss how God has designed us to be a blessed people and how we can cooperate--or choose NOT to cooperate--with that design. "There are secrets to abundance," Curt says, "that can be discovered and implemented so... more

Some years ago, a popular book painted a fresh coat of paint on the concept known as the Law of Attraction.The Secret is still on best-seller lists, and the "LOA" is taught and practiced by many people. But what does the LOA have... more

With the rapid rise of skepticism toward online marketing, how do you attract a loyal following of fans, clients, and customers? Internationally renowned thought leader Ann Sieg will reveal three main trends that contribute to the rise of... more

Natasha will be sharing her unbelievable story of how God moved her to quit her cushy law firm job and go full-time into her business. She'll share how He's POURED blessings upon Natasha and her husband over and over and over... more
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