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Jory Fisher

Heart & Soul for Women of Faith


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If you’re longing to make a meaningful difference in the world, striving to lead a purposeful life, and determined to become a successful leader or entrepreneur, welcome to Heart & Soul for Women of Faith. Featured BTR Host Jory Fisher, along with her guests and co-hosts, will help you nourish your spiritual, physical, and mental well-being so you can make the difference you're called to make and glorify God through success. *¨*♥☆♥☆♥*¨* Jory is a Professional Certified Coach and Top 6 Expert who specializes in helping purpose-guided leaders and entrepreneurs be successful. She also serves as a faculty member of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and as an Ambassador for the Hope Bar Project, a movement created to end childhood malnutrition through social entrepreneurship. *¨*♥☆♥☆♥*¨* You're warmly invited to listen to 100s of on-demand episodes. Please leave questions and comments at www.JoryFisher.com and www.facebook.com/JoryHingsonFisher. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you are blessed by these conversations.

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Celebrated author, speaker, and Unity minister Edwene Gaines hasn't always enjoyed a luxurious or comfortable lifestyle. She'll speak with us on Heart & Soul for Women of Faith about how she transformed a life full of fear, judgment,... more

All business owners have the same struggles. First they struggle with getting their business started, then they struggle to keep things rolling along. They always seem to need more clients, time and money. Several key elements can help... more

Do you KNOW you're meant to do more, and would be able to accomplish so much more—if only you weren't spending so much time digging yourself out from underneath piles of paper? Or had a shorter to-do list? Or had effective... more

Whom are you called to serve? How are you equipped to serve others? What's your ?Big Why? for doing what you do in the world? For this episode of Heart & Soul, Jory Fisher will be interviewed by her friend Julie Fleming—also a... more

Michelle Prince found her passion and purpose in life at the early age of 18. She fulfilled a long time goal of working for Zig Ziglar at just 23 years old but made a life-changing decision just a few years later that forced her to reevaluate her... more

How can we help missionaries last longer and be more effective? Coaching in missions is still a relatively new concept; but Sherri Dodd, the founder of Advance Global Coaching, is already making a difference in the emotional and spiritual... more

On Heart & Soul for Women of Faith, DeDe Murcer Moffett will first describe how her struggle with alcoholism held her back for decades. She'll then share with you how her Snap Out of It! moment inspired her to use her beautiful voice not... more

After a cancer diagnosis, many women ask themselves "why me?" and "why now?" These questions can haunt you on your cancer journey or they can lead you to deep inner reflection and potentially down a new and more purposeful... more

Most women start their entrepreneurial pursuits full of passion, drive, and energy. Even though highly motivated and committed to succeed many often lack the desire or ability to do the one thing that will make or break their... more

As humans, we all have a deep desire to live meaningful lives. Finding and following the path for our life is essential to realizing meaningfulness. But, every person must seek out their own path. There are no formulas that a person can... more
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