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King Jordan Radio Welcomes A dream Team An Icon in the business Formally With Court TV & HLN ,CNN, Beth Karas,Beth Has been in Phoenix covering the Jodi Arias we will break down The End of That Trial,Anne Bremner, Worked on The Amanda Knox Trial & She will bring her wisdom She Also is a defense attorney out of Seattle,& Dwane Cates is a defense attorney Seen on HLN and out of Arizona he will add to the convo Well break down all the Legal News Twitter @MrKingJordan KingJordan
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The Show looks back at Sunday's Wrestlemania & Saturday's Hall of Fame w/ The Warrior Razor Ramon,Jake(THeSnake) Roberts ,Mr T and Wrestlemania with Daniel Brayan vs Batistavs Randy Orton and the shocking match w/ Undertaker... more

WrestleMania Recap Tuesday 8pmest WrestleMania 30 predictions for Sunday on KingJordanRadio WWE World... more

Tom Mesereau returns to King Jordan Radio this Wedsday March 26. 2014. He will be covering The BladeRunner Trial and the latest on Wade Robson. Mr. Mesereau who last joined us on Jan 2 ,2014 will also be covering the new... more

a very special show with Wrestlemania 30 just 2 weeks away We wil break down Wrestlemania 1-29 including Hulk Hogan beating Andre The Giant ,Hulk&Mr T vs Bob Orton & Mr Wonderful ,The Ultimate Warrior vs Hulk Hogan Steve... more

Deadly Mistake or or Murder? Mickey Sherman & Richard Herman on The Blade Runner Trial on KingJordan Radio Twitter @MrKingJordan How Can You... more

On Tuesday 8pm est a panel of 3 will recap TNA's Lockdown ,TNA now only doing 4 a ppv's a year makes it much more significant ,Well break every match for those who didn't order the ppv well get a full recap not to mention a recap of... more

Joey Jackson CNN Analyst on KingJordanRadio Tuesday's 8pm est WWE /Wednesday 9pmest Legal Cases /Thursday Sports Disgraced Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius will face a judge and jury — and millions of viewers... more

King Harley Race Calls in the 2nd hour The Latest on The CM Situation RAW RE-Cap We Well talk RAW from Monday ,NewTag Champs ,Whats the goin on w/ CM Punk? Last week Honky Tonk Man Called in who will... more

HONKYTONK MAN CALLS IN @ THE 53 MIN MARK!! Meet HonkyTonk Man March 8 th for info Hulk Hogan returning to the WWE ,Hulk Hogan according to Hogan (60) will the Host30 anniversary of... more

World Wrestling Federation (WWF), he first appeared in 1987 He then went on to debut in the summer of 1987 as Virgil, the bodyguard for "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.Eventually, Virgil got tired of being humiliated by DiBiase and turned on... more