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Adina Howard on KingJordanRadio 4-19-14 The King Jordan Radio Show welcomes Adina Howard the multi-dimensional sensation R&B artist on Friday, April 19th at 9PM est From Radio, Stage and the big screen Adina... more
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King Jordan Radio Show will talk about the WWE and the latest status of The Rock, Daniel Bryant and The Undertaker. We will be joined by Wrestling insider JJ on Monday April 15th 7-9PM est. You do not want to miss this exciting... more

The king Jordan Show is very happy to announce their next guest out of Arizona, Defense Attorney Vladimir Gagic on Friday, April 12th at 9PM est. 6PM pst. He will be covering the Jodi Arias trial and discussing the strategy's of both the... more

The King Jordan Radio Show is very happy to announce their next show on Monday April 8, 7PM est. We will be covering the Wrestleman 29 event. John Cena vs The Rock CM Punk vs Undertaker Tripple H vs Brock Lesner Plus we... more

Andrew Bogsch who is on the radio show with MAD DOG Chris Russo will be joining the King Jordan Radio Show, April 5th at 3PM est. He's live in Atlanta for the Final Four and he will be coveringthe NCAA TOURNAMENT LIVE. You do... more

The King Jordan Radio Show is very happy to announce their next guest. Pearl Jr who has covered the Michael Jackson Trial in 2005. Pearl Jr has written a book that gives clues that Michael Jackson is possibly alive. You do not want to miss... more

WRESTLEMANIA WEEK PREVIEW Billy Caputo close friends of Bruno Sammartino and Ric Flair will be joining The King Jordan Radio on Monday, April 1st at 7PM - 9PM est. We will covering all things wrestling. We will also be... more

The king Jordan Radio Show is very happy to announce their next guest Attorney Vladimir Gagic Defense Attorney from Arizona. Vladimir Gagic is a former United States Marine with a distinctive insight into criminal defense. A fighter for clients'... more

The King Jordan Show is very happy to announce it's next guest Mickey Sherman, March 27, 2012 east coast time at 9PM. Mickey Sherman will be breaking down the Jodia Arias trial, Cannibal Cop, The Ohio Rape Case and... more

WRESTLEMANIA REPORTS & SPORTS KING JORDAN RADIO SHOW IS counting down the days until WRESTLEMANIA, BLACK JACK BROWN from the Chicago SUN TIMES will be live at the scene of WRESTLEMANIA IN NEW... more

The King Jordan Radio Show is very happy to announce the return of two of their featured guests on television today. - Legal Expert Super Lawyer Richard Herman from the Nancy Grace Show, HLN, CNN and Aphrodite Jones the host of True... more