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Hey I have been sick since last week and I'm still a little sick right now. But what the heck...I'll do thirty minutes.

1. Erepublik Friday 2. Woxan...status update 3. Open Lines

THE DEATH OF EMERICK 1. Real life headline thursday... 2. Will Joey Jackson be in? 3. What do Joey and Janet Jackson have in common?

1. Erepublik Headlines 2. Special guest: Aiden Astrup 3. Joey Jackson Disturbia?!

1. Headlines 2. Odd News from Yahoo 3. Gas station trivia 4. What do Joey Jackson and Janet Jackson have in common?

1. Open line Friday 2. Erepublik Friday 3. I heard you like Mudkieps? 4. Pizza the Hutt report

1. Erepublik 2. Presidential Campaign Slogans... 3. Proposal for radio ratings... 4. Will Megan Fox come on the show?

0. Gas Station Trivia 1.Open Air Clarification: A Broken President-A Broken Alliance... 2. New Thing: Joey is Disturbia... 3. What is sexy? Call up and tell us...

1. Erepublik 2. Are the new modifications better or worse? 3. How does Jon prep the show? 4. Open lines! 5. Jon finds that the movie Avatar might be real after all...

1. Jon Malcom&Joey Jackson discuss the days events...Longbaugh might call in. 2.Real Life events 3. Why this show is awesome. 4. Future Projects-- Gold is in your future if you call in! Come up with a awesome story and win... more