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I am extremely passionate about the development of our youth. I grew up in a generaton that had a voice and it was heard. During these times, the voices of the younger generation is so often discounted, My show will be geard towards issues and the everyday struggles of our kids.

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I have a friend that is a Child and Family Therapist and she has a 12 year old client that was sending nude pictures of herself via text....out of control! What is causing our children to engage in this type of activity and what can we do as... more

Do you have something on your mind that you would like to discuss on the air? This is the show to do so.

So many of our kids today are not motivated to excel. Although it is for several reasons, I would like to explore just a few during this show. How do we feel as adults? How do the kids feel? What is hindering their excellence? What can we... more