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Tonight let's talk about Sarah Palin. She's here, and she looks to be sticking around. On my blog I both expressed admiration and queasiness about Palin. Both emotions still apply. Her intentions for 2012 are still unknown, but she's... more

Thanksgiving eve. Let's talk about what we are grateful for...hopefully without too much sentimentality. Call in. Talk. Also, I'm sure a few gripes will bubble up. This show focuses on politics after all....

JEFF KEY is a writer, actor, activist and philanthropist and Iraq War veteran. In 2000, at the age of 34, he went to Marine Corps boot camp and became a reserve marine. After the terrorist attacks of 2001, his unit made preparations for... more

The brief Obama era of "hope and change" (and bullshit) ended on November 2 2010 as the polls closed in the Central Time Zone. For those of us who never got on the Obama Happy Train To Nowhere, the GOP's huge victory was... more

Yep, I'll make 'em. I have looked into the future now know who will win what races on Tuesday. You can find out on Monday at 6pm pacific. Lynne will be chiming in with her unique take. Then for the second half of the hour MadamaB of The... more

Do Dems have a prayer (they do in California...) ??? The election is 8 days away and the consensus is that the GOP will win going away. Is there anything that can save the Democrats? What went wrong for Dems? I also have something to say... more

Tonight's topic: If liberals are to get their sea legs again they MUST reject and repudiate Barack Obama. This repudiation cannot start soon enough. Also, I'll be riffing on some headlines, Lynne will be with us, and Tamerlane of True Liberal... more

Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right - Many of us have no idea how to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. It seems both parties have lost it. I'll be talking about this conundrum and taking calls. Lynne of Lakeland will be with us. For the... more

Tonight's topics: News of the day, Facebook, the upcoming elections, and whatever else comes up. Tamerlane of True Liberal Nexus will join us for the last segment. My swell sidekick, Lynne, will be around, and of course, you. Give a... more

According to the RCP average Obama is at his lowest point in the polls - tonight we ask - what happened? And why. Can he recover? Will he? Also on deck: The Tea Party. Yup, let's talk about the tea party. Which party is actually having a... more