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This week Paul Manafort , Kids in cages, Trump's Lies

This week: Paul Manafort Locked Up! Innocent Children, Locked Up! And Trump's relentless torrent of lies and more lies.

This weeks topics include: Putting children in cages, suicide, Anthony Bourdain, Trump being an idiot, again... N. Korea, and another cracker melt, this time at Dominos.

This week we talk about: Roseanne, of course, and Samanatha Bee. Melania, too. - Also Puerto Rico, Buffalo Wild wings and the further adventures of "Donald Destroys America"

This week's topics: NFL kneeling, missing children, the amazing Parkland students, the on going Trump catastrophe, evil prick Dana Rohrabacher, and China just approved 5 new trademarks for Ivanka....gee, i wonder why?

This week: The lastest school shooting, Rudy Guilianni and his avalanche of bullshit, our favorite NY racist lawyer gets his very own Mariachi band , and the royal wedding...

This week Lynne and I discuss Rudy the moron G. , The NRA, Scott Pruit, SNL, Stormy..and much more.... Listen in!

So much... The White House chaplin, The White House corresondent dinner, Micheal Cohen, Korea, and... of course... the Celtics and Bruins (love that dirty water... Boston you're my home...)

This week's news wil be discussed, even if we are disgusted. We are charming, bossy, and opinionated.... a little Left, and a little moderate, and a little fun...

Scott Pruit is a lying scum bucket. Ted Nugent is a rabid jackel. Red State teachers being screwed.Right wing freaks want to kill women for having abortions. Trump 'merica is here!