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Ah... another week of Lynne and John talking. This week we are going to circle the drain that is Roy Moore. And, I suspect, John will ahve plenty to say about the democrats and Al Franken.

Oh the week that was.Michael Flynn turns on The Orange One, GOP Tax scam passes, a bill everyone hates except the very very rich, and it increainlg looks like the platform for an attack on the safety net. Also, why are the Democrats to... more

This week or conversation expands to 45 minutes as Lynne and I discuss the orange President's (What's his name again?) "Time Person Of The Year" lie, flipping Mike Flynn, More on the sexual harassment fall out and term limits... as... more

This week's Lynne and John's check in on Al Franken and Hillary, The GOP tax give away to the rich and some more about Roy Moore. Listen in. Bonus, John is almost doesn't sound like a chain smoking manatee.

This week Lynne and John are back... finally... discussing Roy Moore, the elections in New Jersey and Virginia, healthcare, and God knows what else. Always fun and usually smart.

This week listen in as we touch on a few of the week's events - More Weinstein fallout, healthcare fallout, and is God (or "the universe" as the new agers say) angry with the United States.? We have had on catatrophe after another of late.

This week's topics: Gun control , Harvey Weinstein, Birth Control. Listen in!

Up this week for both Lynne and John: The delayed Trump Admin. response to the post hurricane Puerto Rico humanitarian crisis and Orange Man Trump's weekend hissy fit about it . Join us for 30 mins of riffing and ranting. You've... more

This week in 30 quick minutes Lynne and John discuss Trump's nasty Colin Kaepernick remarks, the Alabama senate race, the latest Trumpcare disasters, whyt the GOP is deranged and greenrushers maing cash on the pot.

we hit on a few of the week's big topics: this week including Jemele Hills tweets , the Paris accord , and juggalos .