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John Wallace

John Wallace


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My guest this week is an active teacher in a New York State school district whom I will call JOHN SMITH.  I will not be using his real name as teachers such as my guest, who oppose the institution of the Common Core Curriculum, face pressure from School District Superintendents every day to "go along with the program" for their own good. American children have become "lab rats" for experimentation via a program created by socialists and communists who are out to destroy traditional classical education, critical thinking, and an accurate historical view of our country.  My guest will give you first hand knowledge of how the 'Common Core Curriculum' is more about INDOCTRINATING America's children than educating them. The History Books are being re-written to give a negative view of America and its founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. More time is spent on a favorable review of  the United Nations Charter than on the U.S. Constitution. He will give us specific examples of material currently used in our schools to "progressively' INDOCTRINATE our children into accepting socialist views and to rely on communal group-think to identify solutions to problems. He will tell us what the authors of this program really want to do with our children's minds, values, careers and lives?   Americans need a strong wake-up call about the 'Common Core Curriculum' and it better happen soon.