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John Wallace

John Wallace


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It seems that President Obama and some members of congress are pushing for an attack on Syrian government forces because they allegedly used Sarin Gas against innocent civilians in Syria, or at least that is what we and the rest of the free world are being told. President Obama says that although he believes he has the power to attack Syria, he has asked congress for authorization. What if they turn him down? Will he attack anyway? If this was such an emergency, why did he go a play a round of golf right after the announcement?; 

What if the U.S. backed Al Qaeda Syrian rebels used the Sarin Gas? What if there was evidence that the USA (CIA), Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia were involved in getting the gas to the U.S backed Al Qaeda Syrian rebels?; Is the United States and Al Qaeda rebels using the 'Mass Attack Deception' technique to insure that the US military attacks the Syrian armed forces because of the deaths attributed to the Syrian military even though they did not use the gas?; Are the American people being lied to by the Obama Administration again?

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