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What it means to be HOME!

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I love Los Angeles and what it means for me.  I left in 1994 in the hopes of building my business, my marriage and my family.  My goal was to raise children away from the ghetto bird, the crackheads and poor education and to give my children a better life.  I think I did it!

But what did I come back to?  A place where, like most communities, the Blacks are buyers never owners and the wealthy have that “I got mine, too bad about you” mentality.  I also found a Black Muslim community that quotes the problems but no solutions.  And last but not least I found old Black people who are just worn out and tired, just happy to see a Black President in their lifetime.

To my surprise, I also found a tiny fraction of Black Youth, who feel much like I do and willing to risk life and limb to foster change. 

Tonight I will discuss what the last two months have brought me, sleeping in my car, sleeping at a local Mc Donald’s and the BLESSINGS God will bring if you are willing to risk it all and “dwell in the secret place of the most high”.

My Soul Brother and fellow Dream Keeper, Mr. Hendrick Johnson will call in and tell us all about how he locked an owner OUT of this own business and the consequence of coming into a Black Community and forgetting the spirit of service for the people who pay your bills.

We are back and home to make a difference! Join in and join us!