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Whether it is selling crack to our own people, selling out to white people or just not taking up the mantel of our brave civil rights leaders, what has happened to us?

In America today, it’s good enough to talk about the worst about us and DO NOTHING ABOUT the worst about us. At only 47 years of age, I cannot really see myself with a clear conscience and continue to sit back and do nothing another second.

With so much wealth and power in the Black Community, our current condition is a sin and a shame. Then we have the LARGEST and OLDEST BLACK ORGANIZATION in America, the Black Church with a spot on EVERY CORNER but closed Monday through Friday.  When it should be full of Saints doing God’s work it has become a place full of judges, actors and entertainers. 

Passivity is also a sin and a shame and the THING most of us do.  We passively sit by, talk, tweet and Facebook everything as if that’s DOING something.  How much longer will we continue to be this way?

How much longer, I don’t know.  This year, voting rights were taken AWAY much FASTER than it took those who shed BLOOD to give us that right.  But we still have the ignorant Black American TODAY…talking about NOT VOTING. 

If we understood what people really did to make us free, we would understand our duty to defend that right and is doing so, their honor.  The practice of NOT REQUIRING the study of Black History in this country HAS REALLY PAID OFF for white America. 

Today on The Diary we will discuss how important it is for our children and out of respect for Black American’s that families be given the option to study Black History in American Public Schools.   Not just once a month but as regular course study.

Join me on Sunday and show your support!