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SCIENCE is RELIGION! Take it from Jesus!

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In the first half of our show today, we will discuss in more dept, the goals of both The Woman’s Self Awareness Program and the Boys to Men Project.  These are programs developed by our non-profit, The Association of African American Single Mothers (aaasm.org), to help Moms and her sons.

The Woman’s’ Self Awareness Programs helps the Mom in 4-key areas of life.  We provide guidance in the areas of education, finances, spirituality, health and fitness, life skills and emotional issues.

The Boys to Men Project is a mentoring program for young boys.  We focus on education, leadership, service to the community, spirituality and fitness.

We need volunteers and help on every level for both programs and our hope is to begin chapters in major states across the United States and with your help and donations, we will!

In our second half, we will discuss RELIGION is SCIENCE and SCIENCE is RELIGION…. So much so that you will come to discover all RELIGIONS have taken science and tailored and doctored it up to suit and give POWER to themselves and confuse people.  The intention of the UNIVERSE (AKA the FATHER….God… you choose) was for man to REALIZE we are ALL GODS…all connected to serve HIS purpose…. LOVE…

Today we will study universal Law #1….

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The first out of the 12 universal Laws helps us to understand that we live in a world where everything is connected to everything else. Everything we do, say, think and believe affects others and the universe around us.

And we will back it up with the Bible and the words of the MASTER of the UNIVERSAL LAWS…. Jesus!