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The AAASM Diary - Happy Birthday – Kit- Kat Boy - & The Business of Prisons – Prisons INC.

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Today Kit Kat Boy, my youngest and LOVE Christopher turns 18! The LAST of my 3 to reach 18 and we all made it out ALIVE…and UN-FELONY-ED. Now that Chris is 18, the day he attempted to rip of a major supermarket of EVERY Kit – Kat they had and turn it at the school for CASH (The business part I gave him BIG UPS for, the thinking he could get 100% profit – He got DOG WALKED for “ Son, 100% profit is called SLAVERY”). Anyway, although Chris went through his 40 hours of community service and that was ALL he had to do because he had never attempted anything this DUMB before in this life, it can NOW come off his record….BUT at a PRICE! So this Sunday we will discuss business behind PRISONS and the criminal justice system….whether it’s the enormous cost for a phone call, to a $5.00 candy bar, to the CUT they get when money gets put on your BOOKS, the extra cost for EVERYTHING if your DISABLED IN PRISON…..YOU COULD EVEN LEAVE PRISON OWING THEM MONEY….. to the cost my family will have to now incur to get that juvenile theft permanently expunged from Kit Kat Boys record…This COSTS us more than we know. We have GOT to learn to play this system at ITS OWN Game….This way they have us coming and going. The system would rather invest in your next prison than your next school…So Join the LOVE Movement, discover your ONENESS with God and beat these fools at their own game, MOTHERS DOG WALK your son if need be at age 15 so they will KNOW how important it is to REMAIN FREE by age 18…..Happy Birthday Kit-Kat Boy!