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The AAASM Diary - Our ONENESS with God and Intro to AAASM Programs

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We talk too much about our problems and don’t do anything to solve them. This is why the Association of African American Single Mothers was created while I still faced many of the problems I am trying to solve for others. The AAASM developed plans many years ago that directly related to the problems Blacks had 50 years ago and even more so today. But then until most recently, we too focused on the whys. Focusing on the why’s of poverty, of lack of education, of AIDS, of incarceration only helps to perpetuate MORE. I’m NOT the reason why, you are not the reason why. That what’s we BLACK people do, so that’s all we get….”American Gangster” wins an AWARD for Denzel, but Malcolm X does not? And Black America, even Denzel is happy with it! That little girl gets beat down by Chris Brown but goes and makes a video glorifying the same thing…”I just wanted to have a hit song”….at any cost…?..To help the Black community, we have to stop focusing and glorifying problems that only bring us more. The biggest culprits in my mind as to why this exists are the Black Church and Black Leadership. But I THANK them! If not for their lack LOVE, honor and respect for LIFE they have exhibited over the decades, I would not have been given my awesome opportunity to make a REAL, TRUE DIFFERENCE in the lives of Black Americans and all Americans. So on today’s show we will from now on break our show in two 30 minutes sections. The first part will be our LOVE Movement thought for the week. And this week we will discuss our “ONENESS” with GOD and how our THOUGHTS create our world. On the second half of the show, I will discuss the AAASM's most important and life transforming programs developed to enrich LIFE: The AAASM Woman’s Self Awareness Program, The Future Leaders Program, the Boys to Men Project, The Black History Project and the AAASM Community Food Locker. Join us in LOVE and learn. All our programs will be available in class settings, on-line and discussed weekly.