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Dr.John OKeefe is a Breakthrough Specialst, an Author, Lecturer and Abundance Mentor. The show will discuss the subconscious, the law of attraction and how to implement them into your life. We will have live interviews with highly successful people from all walks of life. Dr.John will share coaching tips and keys to achieving wealth, health and abundance in your life.

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Dr.John talks about the power of focus

www.drjohnokeefe.com Your Mindset Matters! Mindset is a simple idea discovered by world-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and success—a simple idea that... more

Vinny Elferino Santa Claus Chief of Security Talks about the preparations for Santas visits to boys girls around the world. (The Inside Story) Santa Claus is com`in to town so be ready! Have some fun with Dr. John as he interviews... more

www.drjohnokeefe.com Have any of your creditors said ?You are creating success and happiness for thousands of people so forget about your mortgage payment, car payment, office rent for the holidays!? No? Shocker...me either! The reality... more

www.drjohnokeefe.com Listening is a key factor in business relationships aswell as personal relationships . Building a business depends on relationships and if you listen clients and others will tell you everything you need to... more

www.drjohnokeefe.com We have known that positive thinking has many benifits. Now the medical community confirms it. You then needs to take positive action, Dr John tells you how to do that According to the Mayo Clinic, positive... more

Be clear in your direction and focus on excellence in what you do. Here are some quick tips on excellence 1.Set a clear protocol for goals and expectations Even the most efficient team in the world will have difficulty in reaching goals that... more

With the fourth or coming up it's absolutely key to press on with your sales marketing and advertising campaigns. Many times in the fourth quarter Due to variety of holidays,vacations etc many businesses buy into the mindset to slow... more

www.drjohnokeefe.com Founder and Executive Director, Concordia University's Teen Entrepreneur Academy . Dean Christensen will discuss his work with teens in the Teen Entrepreneur Academy as well as other programs such... more
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