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Johnny Cirucci

Resistance Rising


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Researcher, author, speaker, soldier; Johnny Cirucci will astound you with who really controls your life and he'll give you the names, places and dates to verify it for yourself...but make sure you're ready to have your world rocked.

On-Demand Episodes

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-179/ * From Costco and Starbucks in Seattle through racial outrage in Philadelphia to Rome. * Yellow Journalism: why ?mainstream? news boldly enflames racial... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-178/ * North Korea: puppets of China, puppets of ROME * Kim Jong Il's Russian Roots * The Dear Leader's Secret Stay in Malta * From ?Anglicans? to ?Baptists?;... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! * Transformers: Romans Saving The Matrix * Rome-flix backfire? Did the Netflix documentary ?The Keepers? connect John Podesta to Cathy Cesnik's brutal rape and death? * John Podesta (AKA Skippy)... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-176/ * Steven Paddock the ?bump-stock killer? was one of YOU: he supposedly raved about chemtrails and FEMA camps just before his ?murderous spree? in... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-175/ * Puerto Rican National Guard C-130 takes a ?mysterious? nose-dive into a George highway. * The National Guard does NOT serve the interests of the States and... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-174/ * Who really killed Osama bin Laden? —The sickening PsyOp that runs from traitors in the Navy SEALS to propagandists at Fox News; and all ends up in... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-173/

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-172/

CNN FauxNews Roman Fraud "news", politics the Cuomo family (Catholic Communist ruling Elite) Chris Cuomo at C.I.A.NN, Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt phony journalists the fraud of ?education? secret Jesuits in public... more

FULL NOTES AND LINKS, HERE! http://johnnycirucci.com/resistance-rising-170/