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Cantor Loses: Informed Not Inflamed Take: Don't Buy Media and Pundit Hype Yet

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John Daly

John Daly


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Let's go into an Informed Not Inflamed discussion on the victory of Dave Brat in the Republican Primary of the 7th District of Virginia.

By the way, it just came across that Eric Cantor will step down as House Majority Leader, as well, while he serves out his current term to the end of the year.  So, politically this is huge.

When it crossed my breaking news alert on my iphone last night -- my wife Teri was worried because of the bizarre look on my face.  I thought it was an Onion headline.  But it wasn’t.  How big is it?  It’s the first time since the 1880s that a sitting House Majority Leader lost in a primary. 

However, let’s look at this primary without the knee-jerk hype of the media and the political partisans.


So let’s go beyond the headlines and the hype on the Brat victory over Cantor.  After all, media and political pundits got this wrong.

First, we don’t know if this is strictly a tea party win. It could be more of an anti-establishment victory. The things that upset the tea party about Cantor were also the same things that people in the middle and on the left are angry about. Primarily, the Washington establishment is owned by special interest.  You know who is really upset today about Eric Cantor’s defeat?  Wall Street.  He was a big advocate for them and a recipient of lots of money to protect Wall Street on regulatory matters.  The tea party does not own that anti-establishment issue. Granted, the tea party is a big part of this “throw out the bumms movement”.

But we also don’t know if Democrats or independents, trying to hurt the GOP, voted for Brat, just to get Cantor out.