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TV host, journalist, and author John Daly takes apart the media and politics.

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So I am having this nightmare. It goes like this. I am 30 years older -- which means I'm well into my 80s. I'm standing there with my cane, drooling saying ?I told you so.? The next moment I become fertilizer spread all over the ground to... more

We're talking ObamaCare – again – today. We have an outspoken doctor. She is also a patient-advocate. Dr. Elaina George has a list of medical credentials. You can see them at her website -- D-R ELAINA GEORGE... more

Look for me also on daly tv Let's get informed not inflamed on Russia invading Crimea which is currently part of Ukraine. The best analysis, so far, comes from Fareed Zakariah's GPS on CNN. One of his guests... more

So I am walking Nike Dog this morning. I have leash and plastic bag in hand. And then I see Duke. Duke is this hippie looking guy. He always drives up in a cruddy station wagon. He let's out his great looking golden retriever and then –... more

It is Wednesday February 19, 2014. I am heading to Sarasota, Florida to speak on Thursday to the Sarasota Film Commission about reality TV. Join us if you can. By the way, Sarasota would be a great place to live and retire to. But... more

We have another reason to stop listening to both political parties – and most media outlets. If you don't stop drinking this information swill, it will kill us – as a nation in the not so distant future. In case you missed it. Here it... more

We're talking Ireland and education today. The US Ireland Alliance, a non-profit that fosters commerce between the US and Ireland, has created one of the most prestigious post-graduate scholarships. They're called the Mitchell Scholarships... more

So who ya picking? Broncos-Seahawks. You will get my pick along with the pick of my man Boychic. Is Richard Sherman just a misunderstood bully? And what was your impression of the Jonathan Martin interviews? Is he a wuss... more

So I watched the documentary called Mitt. It's the behind the scenes look at the campaign and the family of Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. You can only see it on Netflix. Here is my Informed Not Inflamed review: Who... more
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