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Knowing the difference between The Faith and defining your faith

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3rd in the Series: The Bible: Its uniqueness above all other "religious books " Many people are duped by pseudo intelligence that references material from unreliable sources or whose personal proclivity purposes deceit for their own... more

2nd in Series: The Bible, its uniqueness and significance above all other "relegious books".

Facts about the Bible series: I have discovered a large number of good people who do not believe that the Bible is inspired by God. They think that the Bible is just a collection of moral stories and high ideals. ... perhaps "good literature."... more

The 1st century Roman Empire had curfews, secret police, spies, and social cleansing of those opposing the Emperors. Does this sound like America today? How can Christians make a difference? Tune in and join the army of the CROSS

Part three: Roman Empire The culture of the first century was very similar to our American culture today, however the first century Church does not find as equal representation in today's American church. Today's popular religious... more

Roman Empire Series: Part Two Christianity was illegal and the Roman Empire persecuted the early church. However, those Christians filled with the Holy Spirit continued to stand witness for their Lord. Daniel 7: 7-12 and Revelation 13... more

Part One Series: The 1st century church Culture Rome: the city....the best of the Roman world...yet infanticide, extremely strong drug abuse, more than 82 pagan temples within the city, male / female prostitution and mortality due to filth,... more

First Century Church's clash with the Jewish Theology. The Temple theology, taught by the Priests was (by-large) foreign to the Old Testament....... bordering on paganism. Discover how the first century Church thrived against the... more

The Holy Spirit "births" the Church. The importance of the Holy Spirit then and NOW.

Part 3: Final message in the Series "What Judas didn't know" While Judas was conspiring with the Jewish leaders to betray Jesus, several Scriptures were being fulfilled and Judas didn't know it.
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