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Hello my name is Joseph Aquilino, I'm the influencial and respected leader and CEO of the #JGF Family on twitter, newly expanded to facebook... We are people who are respected and influential in the community and on the internet... I am 18 in the world out of 33,000 in Fast Company magazine as most influencial in the world on the internet (November issue)... I'm from Staten Island, NY, born in Manhattan, have a creative and innovative mind and will have a series of shows on this great network. Believes in the entrepenteurial spirit and believes in legacy and organization over all else... I give back to causes, services and charities... I have a very giving and humble man with a message of unity, love, respect and peace... This will be seen through my shows on this network. Staten Island's Own Joeygiggles is in the house and I'm just getting started !!! There are three shows so far on the Joeygiggles channel... The Positive Experience... The RSD and You Show...The Author's Nook

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Hey everyone... Gulf War Illness Show is coming on the air this coming year with good friend Mary Ann Parker who is a vet of the First Gulf War She will be discussing events, information on Gulf War Illness, causes, symptoms, trial and... more

Hey everyone this is the first time we will be talking economics and politics on the Joeygiggles Channel with good friend John Wilson... Call in at 310-982-4253 or via skype Join us in the Chatroom for questions and comments

This show will be specifically be talking about sustainability of resources with masterminds behind the idea of QU & ARK i.e. Cue You the people be the Architect Responsible for your own Kudos and how to use our own resources... more

This is great Show... part of the series of shows with host R.l. Demri where we will enjoy music from the 40's, 50's all the way through till today... R.L. Demri will play his favorite music for you after a little history on each... Great for youre... more

Hey everyone... PTSD debut show is coming on the air this coming year with good friend Mary Ann Parker who is a vet of the First Gulf War She will be discussing events, information on PTSD, causes, symptoms, trial and... more

The Rant comes to you every seond Monday on the Positive Experience with Kyle Preston Houck, CEO and creator of the Insomniac Radio Network and head clergyman of the #JGF Family Clergy... 310-982-4253 is the call in number or... more

This show was created for people who love to watch TV... we will talk about youre favorite shows for a half hours... we will discuss the shows of the past and shows of the present... we would like the interaction of the fans out there during this... more

Hey everyone... Our Save the Dolphins / Save the Whales show is back on the air this coming year with good friend Holise E Cleveland III the CEO of Cyber Whale Warrior... He will be discussing such things as social media marketing and... more

Hey everyone... this will be our first Author's Nook Show of the Year ... and its great to have best selling author Matthew Wilkinson on the show... we will be discussing authoring, publishing, favorite genres and we will be talking about his... more
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