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Tonight on Joe Prich Radio. Race hustling intensifies. Berkeley tust fund babies,"Black Lives Matter",choke ins, die-offs or whatever...You can't breathe? I can't take it anymore. Congress uses a $1 trillion funding bill as an... more

Join myself and Bree Mars as we discuss spirituality,midterm election butthurt, current events and compare nipple rings. Also taking YOUR calls

Join myself and special cohost @Subscatter as we discuss the upcoming midterms and.our electoral process in general. Also the feminists are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.....again. Not Just Hello "street harassment"... more

Join myself and cohost Bree Mars as we discuss current events and maybe kvetch a little bit maybe who knows we'll see. ISIS garners U.S. weapons meant for Kurds, rabid feminism, Ebola in NYC and MOOOORE!

U.S. forms a coaliton and launches an air campaign against ISIS forces in Syria OVERNIGHT?! Or was this whole thing planned months ago and the "ISIS threat" is being used as a catalyst to garner public support for yet another endless... more

Tonight I try and make good on my promise to make internet radio more interesting and less gay. Special co-host, content, content and MORE content!

Twitter matters omg everything important is Twitter and Twitter is everything important omg Twitter is good Twitter is my pal so srs you guise Twitter....also ISIS

ISIS, politcal correctness,penises and vaginas ALLLL ARE WELCOME ALLLLL ARE WELCOME!

Join myself and Bree Mars as we discuss currents events and try to keep everyone from finding out we're broadcasting nude. OpFerguson and Nonmuss attention whore it up in Ferguson,Obama's suit,Joan Rivers,erectile dysunction,... more