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Witches house

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Day of the Lord

Day of the Lord


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This program with my special guest James Banfield we discuss a dream I had in relation with the last program The street called straight


It begins with me in a house its a fairly ornate house.
I was in a large room and I was being circled/surrounded by women who I understood to be witches and they were walking to where they all would make a full circle around me. I understood that they felt that if they surrounded me with their circle their spell/witchcraft against me would be complete and able to war against me. I instinctively know that the following actions committed thru my body were the Lord operating by using my body.
I spoke something and waved my hand sideways as the last woman was moving into position to complete the circle/cycle.
As I moved my hand sideways she was automaticly moved sideways but not by her power but by the power of God moving her. I remember speaking something in the spirit as this was happening. I then started walking toward the door of the house to leave,as I was walking toward the door I noticed unclean spirits/demons watching me all huddled up. I spoke something in the spirit and they quickly moved aside.
I was standing before the door and spoke to it .... I said "be removed and hurled into the wall behind me". The door was ripped off its frame and thrown as if by a tornado like wind thru the wall behind me with half sticking thru the wall of one room and half in the room behind it. Now the door being gone the brightness of the sunny day was shining thru the opening .... and it seemed especially bright that day. Standing at the opening of where the door was stood an Angel of the Lord .... I raised my hand toward him as if it was a greeting. The Angel stood to the side of the opening and waived his hand toward the outside as if to say come on thru.