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I AM THE WESTERN WOMAN - This show is inspired by a quote from the Dalai Lama that 'it is the western woman who will save the world'.

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Who, you might ask, is Glenda Granberry Davis..??? Well, among other things, Glenda (whose name always reminds me of 'The Good Witch of the North' from Wizard of Oz) is one of the sweetest most awake & aware women I have had... more

After a little 2 week hiatus for the American Thanksgiving & playing catch up, WE'RE BACK!! I don't know about you, but I needed more stories from the lovely Shule Houlihan & so she is returning this week to talk with us about her... more

Meet my dear friend Shule (pronounced Shoolay). Notice the motorbike packed with life essentials. Shule spent 7 years, SEVEN YEARS, traveling, learning, discovering, loving, weeping, visiting, touring, riding, growing.....and so much... more

They say, 'What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas' for a number of reasons. Here in 'Sin City' the rules are bent & the word 'strip' doesn't just describe the main street of the city than never sleeps. With, reportedly more... more

Michael Aaron Bedar is a film artist, teacher of live-food nutrition, co-facilitator of cleanses in the Bay Area, and supporter of spiritual life. He puts them together to inspire and the choice to heal and be fully alive. Bedar completed the Live Food... more

I so excited to share this week's guest with you!!! Lynne Forrest is one of my favourite people on this planet....I have told Lynne that when/if I grow up, I want to be like her :) A little bit of Lynne's story.... ?On Dec. 16, 2006, I woke up to the... more

Our show last week with Megan Walker was AMAZING!!! She touched on so many important & very prevalent issue in our world at this time & ways of creating change. After the show, Elaine & I were discussing the concept of identifying... more

Megan Walker has been the Executive Director of the London Abused Women's Centre since 1997. Megan has initiated a number of firsts in Ontario including the Silent Witness Project and Shine the Light on Woman Abuse campaign. She... more

Put this one on your calendar, my friends!!! Although her name may not be immediately familiar to you, it is more than likely that you have watched, read or heard something that Roberta helped to produce & make its way to you. For... more

What is beauty?? 'They' say 'Beauty is only skin deep', 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'....what if we are ALL beautiful??? Cindy Heath is the inspiration behind I Am Not Perfect I Am Real Beautiful. The purpose and meaning behind... more